The Pratama Villas

Bali has always presents a thousand charms, which sometimes exceeds all the words that can describe its beauty. There have been many individuals who chose Bali as a second home, by staying in hotels, apartments, bungalows as well as private villas. Currently, the choice of accommodation in Bali very indefinitely, especially with the presence of Villas in Bali which was preferred by those who love privacy and comfort above all else, especially for peace lovers who do not expect trouble, no matter how small it is ...

About Bumi Linggah

Bumi Linggah is a Bali villa resort strategically situated in a tranquil location at Batu Bulan on the way to Ubud, Bali. Bumi Linggah offers 26 luxury villas and full service Bali Villa. These uniquely designed Bali Luxury Villas are secluded from the crowded areas. Couples ....

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